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T20 Blast at BCC

T20 Blast is a relatively new innovation to Blackburn's junior program. After 2 successful seasons of T20 Blast, Blackburn is bringing it back even bigger and better in season 2016/17. With the huge success of the Big Bash, T20 Blast allows kids to replicate their heroes and play in fun, fast paced games of cricket, complete with music and other fun games running just like the real Twenty 20 cricket matches. In the previous 2 seasons we have run 8 week sessions post christmas, however this season we will be running a 12 week season encompassing term 4 and term 1

What is T20 Blast: T20 Blast involves 90 minute sessions running every Friday evening in Terms 4 and 1. In each session each child gets to bat for 4 overs in their pair, bowl 2 overs and wicket keep for 2 overs. It is a modified game with short boundaries for more six hitting, softer balls so no protective equipment is required and modified rules to maximise participation.

Blackburn's Junior Cricket Progression Plan 2016/17: At Blackburn we recommend what age groups should do what program, yet it is ultimately up to you to choose the appropriate program for your child.

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