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Well, what a strange and uncertain time in all of our lives.  We hope you and your families are well and keeping in good spirits. We also hope that we can get to a more sustainable version of Covid normal as soon as possible. One that involves Cricket!


As with the rest of Victoria, cricket does not have a clear path forward.  At BCC, we are guided by Government and Cricket Victoria on any resumption of cricket this season.


The BCC committee has been working in the background, planning for all likely scenarios that may come our way this season. We have a flexible mindset to do our best to get our kids back outside doing what they love, playing cricket in a safe environment.


Having said this, with infection numbers continuing to fall and optimism building in our community, one scenario may be that cricket could resume sooner than we would all expect.  If that happens, we would like to be ready to go.


Therefore, we are opening registrations for the coming 21/22 cricket season as this will help us to get an understanding of potential player numbers and ground allocation requirements.  Please click below to register your child.

Please note, there is a $5 fee attached to registration.  This $5 fee is a system generated insurance fee payable to Cricket Australia which must be paid to register your child.  If cricket does not go ahead this season, we are unable to refund this fee.


If you have any questions, please contact our Club Registrar Steve Dick, and we will do our best to answer your questions with the limited information we have.

Steve Dick - Junior Registrar

Phone: 0438 644 234


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