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Team of the Century


In preparing for the Club’s hundredth year in 2002, the Centenary Committee decided that it would be fitting to select a Team of the Century.


This decision was made with some trepidation given that aspects of any selection or omission may be controversial in some circles; however, the Committee felt on balance that such and undertaking had more positives than negatives.


Geoff Stephens framed criteria for both selecting the selectors and selecting the Team, which were endorsed by the Centenary Committee.


The selection committee comprised four members, who were all life members, 20 year players, and whose experience and knowledge of Blackburn 1st XL cricket covered as many years from 1902 – 2002 as possible. The men selected to perform this task, and eras their experience covered were:-

Michael Long (1966-1992); Andrew Smith (1977-2003)

Terry Dynes (1957 – 1986); Neville Jacobs † (1943 – 1978)



Blackburn CC Team of the Century 1902 - 2002

Back Row: Robert Croft (12th man), Neil Robertson, Darren Croft,  Craig Gislingham, Ivan Meehan, Russell Punton †

Front Row: Terry Dynes, Terry Sacristani, Tom Cullen (VC), Don Meehan (C) †, Neil Jacobs, Peter Grant.

Absent: Gary "Bags" Feenane (Scorer) †

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