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Blackburn Cricket Club Inc.  

Morton Park, 35 Central Road, Blackburn, Vic. 3130

Tel: (03) 9894 1409

ABN 54 085 863 658

© 2017 by Blackburn Cricket Club Inc. 

Blackburn Cricket Club supports Womens Cricket. 

BCC has a very successful history of producing talented young girl cricketers.  Some of these girls have gone on to play Senior Womens Cricket and have been very successful.   We also have some great females in the Cricket Club that might like more social cricket.  We hope to support all levels of skills and encourage participation.  


In Victoria there are three levels of Outdoor Womens Cricket.

- Social Sixes: Very Fun and Social and can be a one off in our local area http://socialsixes.com.au/#/home

- Womens Community Cricket Competition: Structured with club teams and 2 levels of competition.

- Womens Premier Cricket: Our closest Premier Club is Box Hill.

Currently (2019) we don't have any Womens Cricket teams.
However, we do have a number of Women and Girls within the Cricket Club that play for other WCCC teams.  An example in 2019 is the Box Hill Cricket Club is one club where some of our ladies are enjoying playing community cricket.

(image sent previously)

In late 2020 the Blackburn Cricket Club will have a brand new Club House facility with dedicated female facilities.  This new pavilion redevelopment has been supported with funding by the Whitehorse City Council in partnership with the Australian Government, and it will be fantastic for all in the area!  We will be looking at how we can support Women with Social Sixes and also opportunities at WCCC.

If you would like to play Womens Cricket then we would welcome your enquiry and we will try and help with connecting you and getting you Playing Womens Cricket.

Steve Dick - Junior Registrar

Phone: 0438 644 234

Email: jregistrar@blackburn.org.au

Scott Carter - Junior Section Manager

Phone: 0448 918 451

Email: juniors@blackburn.org.au